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    About us

    Huaibei Zhongfen Mine Machinery Co., LTD is one of the leading enterprises dealing exclusively in the manufacture of high-rate, large-scale and intelligentialize thickeners. Huaibei Zhongfen has been focusing on the research, design, production, sales and service of High Rate Thickener (HRT) since its establishment in January 1995.

    Huaibei Zhongfen covers an area of 100,000m2, respectively with workshops of riveting and welding, metalworking, bench working, assembling, hydraulic and electromechanical working. It has many large machining equipment, such as digital display horizontal boring machine, longitudinal beam welder, numerical control cutting machine, digital display vertical lathe, universal miller, open side planer, turret lathe and 315 tons hydraulic press. Annual production capacity is more than 30,000 tons.

    Huaibei Zhongfen, oriented by the market and based on advanced products, owns a united, efficient and specialized personnel of product development, engineering design, equipment fabrication and installation and commissioning. Existing staff is 220, more than 56 technician obtained titles of senior and middle. Perusing high quality is our business philosophy; introducing new technology and developing new products are the direction; quality first and customer first are the conduct code of the whole staff.

    After years of efforts, the company has now developed GZN series thickeners with characteristics of periphery hydraulic drive and automatic hydraulic rake-lifting in section to reach the diameter of 125m; NXZ series thickeners with features of center hydraulic double drive and automatic hydraulic rake-lifting to achieve at the diameter of 70m. These two series are in leading technology level both at home and abroad and have received two National Invention Patent Certificates (Patent No: ZL201010590537.X、ZL201110301450.0) and three National Utility Model Patent Certificates (Patent No: ZL0322073.4.4、ZL03278285.3、ZL03278286.1). GZN-60 hydraulic double drive thickener has passed the provincial appraisal; Electronic control system has been awarded CCC certificate by the National Technical Supervision Bureau. Now Huaibei Zhongfen is committed to develop intelligentialize and multi-drive Thickener of 110-130m diameter.

    Huaibei Zhongfen is engaged in introducing advanced technologies and developing technical exchanges. The company technologically cooperated with United States Sedgman Co., Australia John Finlay Engineering Co., UK Doyle Co. and so on. The company is devoted to developing new types of thickener and reforming the existing thickeners with the partnerships of China University of Science and Technology, Beijing Nonferrous Design and Research Institute, Lianyungang Chemical Design Institute, Shenyang Aluminum and Magnesium Design Institute, Changsha Non-ferrous Metal Design Institute, Changsha Metallurgy Design Institute, Changsha Chemical Design Institute, Pingdingshan Coal Design Institute and so on. Huaibei Zhongfen Thickeners are not only all over China, but have been exported to more than 20 countries, such as North Korea, India, Saudi Arabia, Congo, Brazil, Laos, Kazakhstan, etc.

    Huaibei Zhongfen has passed ISO9001-2000 Quality Certificate, and was appraised as national top ten mineral processing equipment manufacturers, won New High-tech Enterprise of Anhui province, Truthful and Honest Enterprise of Anhui Province, National Quality and Good Faith Demonstration Enterprise, Enterprise Credit Grade AAA Certificate, Top 50 Machinery Industry in Anhui province and other honored titles.



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